Maemo CJK Support
   based on open source solutions


The Chinese Support

Under development.

Customizing the Candidate Window (J/k)

  • Press Preference on the VKB and wait about 10 seconds for the "Preference tool".
  • Select "Right end of ..." in "Visual preference / Candidate window position".
  • For J, continue with tapping "Anthy" on the left menu.
  • Adjust "Number of candidate..." as you prefer.

Editing the language menu (J/k)

  • Tap "Global settings" on the left menu of the "Preference tool".
  • Edit "Enabled input methods" in "Input method deployment" as you prefer.

Adding dictionary-tool button in the VKB (J)

  • Tap "Toolbar" on the left menu of the "Preference tool".
  • Select "Japanese dictionary tool".