Maemo CJK Support
   based on open source solutions


Special thanks go to...

  • Tommi and Tomas for educating me.
  • Henry for filing the very first blocker bug in the project.
  • SCIM for the Chinese IM.
  • UIM, Anthy and SKK for the Japanese/Korean IM.
  • TTF-Arphic, TTF-Baekmuk and TTF-Kochi for the beautiful fonts.
  • Matchbox-Keyboard and Matthew for the neat VKB.
  • Kimitake-san for filing 3 bugs within 1 day.
  • Timothy for cleaning up the VKB show/hide algorithm mess and the SKK integration.
  • Wolfg for leading the Chinese development.
  • and his wife for the cute character icons.
  • Andreas for the cool device icons.
Feel free to suggest more.