Maemo CJK Support
   based on open source solutions


Maemo CJK Support

Welcome to the Maemo CJK Support Home Page. As you guessed already, the project aims to add the CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) support on Maemo platform. The whole project is based on open source solutions and avoids the dependencies on proprietary software components; the event taking place here is not and won't be aligned with any Input Method activities conducted by Nokia.

A bit of background

Nokia Internet Tablet (770 / N800) is a great product, which allows you to access the Internet whenever and wherever. This nifty device however, was missing one critical feature from the project adimin's view point. By default, it does not support CJK input/output. With the Internet Tablet, all the CJK people could neither visit their favourite sites nor write emails in their prefered languages, the project admin simply needed to bring a breakthrough in this situation; hence the project started.

Even after the implementation of basic features, the project keeps evloving. From the recent 0.3.3 release, Wolfg has started to lead the Chinese development; surely, this change enables the project to improve the Chinese support than ever before. Additionaly, in the Summer 2007, Mathieu intends to integrate new features, such as Hand Writing Recognition through Google SoC. You've got to stay tuned ;D